Sunday, August 1, 2010



Once, if memory serves us, life was a banquet where every heart was generous & where wine flowed through every vein.

& THE VEINS live in a state of permanent infatuation—or intoxication—a state of permanent noise, in which they are so absorbed the world is nothing but blurs & blotches. THE VEINS stretch through every limb, shimmering like shells under taut skin, with everything that flows through them hemorrhaging out across guitar strings & stage floors.

With clotting never an option, THE VEINS have decided to pump harder than before. Rock ‘n’ roll, punk rock, glam rock—all of it swirls around in THE VEINS’ sound. THE VEINS are gonna keep your heart beat alive.

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  1. quite a beautiful piece of writing, I really enjoyed reading this!

    are you not posting anymore? would be a pity, really.. !

    love, poppy